Friday, March 4, 2016

Cribbage madness!

A few blog posts ago, I mentioned that people on this cruise like to play cribbage. Well, that may have been an understatement. Cribbage, as it turns out, is more than just a pastime on the Revelle. It's a lifeblood of the ship.

Dave playing cribbage in the mess hall.
Per tradition, the Chief Mate (Wez) invited everyone onboard to participate in a Cribbage tournament. Five dollar buy-in, winner takes all... and gets to buy everyone a drink at the end of the cruise. A lot is at stake here. Not the least of which is pride. Winning the tournament, or at least beating your rival, earns you bragging rights for the duration of the cruise and likely beyond.

Tournament bracket, which is posted in the mess hall (cafeteria). Left: winner's bracket. Right: loser's lover's bracket. It's double elimination, so if you lose one game you get to fight your way back into contention. Also, I am apparently breaking the first rule of cribbage club.
Due to everyone's crazy work schedules, the tournament has been progressing very slowly. My first match took 4 days to complete because I had to play Seth who does CTD watch on the opposite 12 hour shift. Whenever he was free, the I had to work and vis versa.

After much prodding by the tournament organizer, the competition is now in its final stages. Unsurprisingly, the experienced players among the ship's crew took care of business. Most of them won their first games and advanced to the next round. However, in the second round, we got to witness our first big upset.

First heavyweight showdown. Chief Scientist versus Chief Mate. Alison won! Go science!
Alison (our chief scientist) delivered a stunning defeat to Wez (the Chief Mate,  game master and defending tournament champion). Wez is down but not out though. He bounced back by winning his first game in the loser's bracket and now awaits the victor of my match against Charlene.

Sarah guarding her two pairs in a game against Alison.
The competition is heating up, but you'll have to stay tuned to see who comes out on top!



To all the students in Jamie's class who left comments on this blog: Thanks you! It's been a great pleasure reading through all of what you guys had to say! I will reply to all of your questions, but it will take me a few days to get through them all. Until next time!


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  2. Are you good at poker, i'd image that you are because you and the crew play with cards so much. P.S. Do you like Cheese Bugghas?

  3. What was your favorite animal that you saw on this cruise?
    Keep Calm,
    And be Smileii

  4. I'm hoping to see you guys...Hopefully in June.

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